Ultimate Guide: How To Save Money On Tours And Activities

May 08

So you're on a trip that you've been saving all year for, but you realize that tours and visiting major attractions are SUPER expensive so what do you ?

This is the part where most travel bloggers will tell you to save money by cutting out activities or attractions and trying to do only the free stuff -- like looking at the Colosseum from the outside versus doing a private underground tour -- and those bloggers would be full of shit!

Who wants to fly all the way to another country to just skimp out on immersing yourself in all the history and culture? 


Don't worry, we've done all the work for you and found the best ways to do it all for less! Our motto is #TravelMoreSpendLess !

The truth is: you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to travel in style and today we're going to share all our money saving secrets with you!

Today's article is all about saving money on tours and activities. It's part of an ongoing Ballin' On A Budget series in which we give you all our money saving strategies so you can travel more while spending less! So if you haven't see the other articles in this series, be sure to check those out!

To make this even easier, we've created a free checklist with all our money saving travel tips and tricks in one convenient pdf just for you! So be sure to grab it here! 

Ok now let's dive right in!

Viator and Get Your Guide

Viator and Get Your Guide are our favorite sites for finding deals on tours and activities. Not only do they have a variety of options per city and skip-the-line passes, but most activities are set as bundle packages which allow you to see multiple attractions for less money than seeing them all separately.

For example, let's say you are in Paris and you want skip-the-line passes to visit The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and to go on the Sienna boat ride. Normally, individual tickets which could cost around $124, but if you book a package via Get Your Guide you could get a pass that gets you into all 3 for $79.

Plus, sometimes these packages also include skip-the-line passes, which, as we said earlier, is a life-saver because who wants to waste time waiting in long lines on their vacation? 

(UPDATE: price for the Paris tour we mentioned has risen to $124.51. In this case, the Paris Pass may be a better option because it includes more attractions for a $131 two day pass. See below for more information on how city passes can save you money.)

Local Websites

Another great tool is searching local tour websites because occasionally they have their own secret offers that you might not find on any other website.

In Rome, we were able to get an awesome private underground tour of the Colosseum for only 7€ (approx. $8.66) and it included entry into the Roman Forum as well!

This tour was so amazing because not only did we bypass a huge 3 hour line with our skip-the-line tickets, but we also had access to multiple viewing platforms that were not available to people with general tickets.


We felt like Roman Empresses waving down at the peasants as they waited in long lines only to push and shove each other to see the Colosseum! Little did they know that we didn't even pay that much more than them (insert witch cackle laugh here)!

Pro Tips

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    Buy the Colosseum tickets early because they sell out quickly!
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    Go to the Roman Forum first to pick up your ticket because the pickup line is shorter than the Colosseum one and you get to see the forum first.

City Pass

An often overlooked yet incredibly useful strategy is to research whether or not the city you are traveling to has a city pass. These passes provide entry to most major monuments, museums and sometimes it even comes with public transportation or skip-the-line passes as well but at a cheaper price than buying tickets to each separately!

For instance, while we were visiting London we bought the London Pass because not only does it include entry to 80+ attractions and tours, but it also included skip-the-line entry to popular attractions and access to a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. We used it to go to the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Thames River Cruise, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Windsor Castle. Had we purchased the tickets separately it would have been £135.70 (approx. $189.14) versus the £94 (approx. $131) for a 2 day London Pass

Other great deals on city passes that we've seen or used were the Paris Pass and the Firenze Card for Florence.

Ok Turkeys, we hope you liked these tips and we can't wait to hear how you put them to the test and saved money on your own trips! Let us know in the comments below!

And if you have any of your own strategies that we didn't list here, let us know too! We would LOVE to hear about it!

Also, be sure to download your free copy of our Travel Hacking Checklist that has all of our money saving tips for hotels, flights, food, and more included in one convenient pdf!

Next time we'll be deep diving into how to save money one of our favorite trip expenses: Food!

Till net time Turkey Crew! Peace Out!

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