Ultimate Guide: How To Save Money On Hotels

May 01

Here's a part where a lot of travelers get stuck:  high accommodation fees! 


Today we're going to talk about how to stay in gorgeous destinations without breaking the bank!

The truth is: you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to travel in style and today we're going to share all our money saving secrets with you!

This article is part of the Ballin' On A Budget Series in which we give you all our money saving strategies so you can travel more while spending less!

To make this even easier, we've created a free Travel Hacking Checklist with all our tips and tricks in one convenient pdf just for you! So be sure to grab it here! 

Ok now let's dive right in!

The mistake most travelers make is that they're ONLY looking for hotels, but in places like Iceland, Paris, or Santorini (and in most countries other than the U.S. actually) you can rent an entire apartment or villa for much cheaper than a hotel -- especially when you're traveling as a group or a family.

Group Travel

Many hotels in Europe, for instance, tend to only fit 2 people so if you had a group of 3+ you would have to book multiple rooms versus 1 vacation rental. 

Our favorite vacation rental site is, of course, Airbnb. Not only is the website user friendly, but they have a ton of different properties available around the world.

While we were in Santorini, we wanted to stay in Oia because it's the typical "postcard" location and was our entire reason for going to Santorini in the first place, but since Oia is obviously highly desirable all hotels started at $450/night for 2 people. So we checked Airbnb and found an entire villa right in the heart of Oia for only half the price and fit 4!! That broke it down to about $56/night per person -- saving us $169/per person per night!!! That's insane!

As you can see from the pics, we definitely didn't compromise on style or location! Can anyone say #PostcardStatus?! Who's giving their instagram feeds FOMO now? 

Solo or 2 Person

But what if you're traveling solo or with just your best friend?

Don't trip chocolate chip! (lol omg we're dorks)

Airbnb also offers options for you to rent single rooms within a villa or apartment which are very convenient if you are planning on spending most of your day out exploring the city.

We tried this in Dublin, Ireland and all over Iceland and it was great! Most of the time the host provides access to the kitchen which is great because being able to cook at least one meal at your accommodation is a great way to save some money. Sometimes  REALLY great hosts might have the fridge and pantry stocked full of food specifically for you!  

And at the end of the day, let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s still way better than couch-surfing!

Local Experience

The best part is that you're not sacrificing quality -- you still get to stay in the heart of the city, in gorgeous modern rooms or even castles if you're into that sorta thing.

And to be honest, who isn't right? 

Plus you're able to get a much more local experience! We love being able to walk to the grocery store and pick up a couple things to make breakfast in our apartment! Or walk downstairs to sip our espressos with the colosseum right behind us!

There's no better bang for your buck in terms of location! Imagine waking up in your penthouse in Athens with a balcony view of the Acropolis or walking outside your apartment in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower or being able to see the Edinburgh Castle from your kitchen window in Ireland and all for a cheaper price than most hotels!

Fun Fact

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Ok Turkeys, we hope you liked these tips and we can't wait to hear how you put them to the test and saved money on your own trips! Let us know in the comments below!

And if you have any of your own strategies that we didn't list here, let us know too! We would LOVE to hear about it!

Also, be sure to download your free copy of our Travel Hacking Checklist that has all of our money saving tips for hotels, flights, food, and more included in one convenient pdf!

Next time we'll be deep diving into how to save money one of the biggest yet most fun trip expenses: Activities.

Till net time Turkey Crew! Peace Out!

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