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    We don’t believe you have to quit your job or having a shoestring budget just to travel more. Instead, we focus on 10 Big Money Hacks that can get you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Master those and travel more without sacrificing your life or career
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    We won’t lecture you on cutting back on avocado toast or advise you to stay in a 14 person hostel room. We’ll show you how to travel in style without the expensive price tag. #BallinOnABudget
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    We giveaway 95% of our content. We write about our travel adventures and give you tips, tricks, and hacks in the hopes that we can inspire and encourage you to explore the world

Our Story

In West San Jose, born and raised on the playground is where we spent most of our days. Now, let's take you back to where it all began in the summer of 1996. Back when Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" and "You Oughta Know" were being played on a loop in everyone's cassette or cd player.

We've been traveling together since the moment we met one destined summer at YMCA camp -- camping trips, capture the flag, and a really crazy trip to Disneyland.

We didn't know it back then, but we'd be traveling together for the rest of our lives.

Since then, we've become best friends and traveled to 17 countries together (27 combined), checked off some of our Travel Lust Diary items and gained tons of incredible stories along the way. Now we're on a mission to share our best travel tips and stories with the hope that it will inspire you to design the life that you love that gives you the freedom to travel more.

How Do We Afford To Travel?

Many people often ask us: how do we afford to travel as much as we do? To be fair, we do travel almost every other month -- sometimes for weeks at a time. A couple of times, we’ve been asked if we even have jobs or if we have a sugar daddy!

How could we possibly travel so often if we had regular 9-5 jobs?

While we started planning our first big international trip to Europe in 2015, we like many of you deep dove into travel blogs to get inspired on places to go and what activities to do, but after a while we felt like our entire news feed was flooded with stories of people quitting their careers, selling everything and saying goodbye to all their friends and family so that they could travel the world on a shoestring budget.

They kept throwing “tips” around like “stop spending money on eating out or taking tours” or “couchsurf” or our personal favorite “travel the world on shipping container boats instead of airplanes” -- we realized that most of this made no sense because who actually wants to travel that way?

Be honest:

  • Almost nobody wants to sacrifice steady income to couchsurf
  • No one wants to cut back on eating local food or seeing what they want
  • Who wants to be told what they CAN’T do with money -- no souvenirs, no avocado toast, no going out with friends

Instead of sacrificing the life that we’ve built and saying “no” to spending on everything, we knew there had to be a BETTER way to travel more while spending less and not having to "give up" anything. We wanted our cake and to eat it too; we wanted a successful career and to travel as much as we can.


So over the years we’ve been learning and testing different strategies to travel hack our 9-5’s so that we can not only design our lifestyles to prioritize travel, but also how to leverage key tactics to travel like a boss without the hefty price tag. We started this blog so we can share those findings with you! 

Are you ready to design a lifestyle you love?

Good. Let's get started!

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Where We've Been

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    Number of countries we’ve been to: 27
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    Number of USA states we've been to: 26
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    Our favorite destinations that we've been to so far:  New Orleans, Barcelona, South Lake Tahoe, Phi Phi Islands, Milan, Venice, Prague, Split, Iceland's Southern county-side, Paris + castle hopping in the french countryside
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    Top 10 countries still on our Travel Lust List:  

  - Athena: Norway, Dubai, South Africa, Philippines, Nicaragua, Belize, Maldives, Antartica, Turkey, all 50 USA states

  - Heather: Chile, Peru, Australia, Russia, Cuba, French Polynesia, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jamaica

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